Ergonomic Assessment and Injury Prevention

Ergonomic Assessment and Injury Prevention

Injury prevention can be as simple as arranging the workplace to allow work to be undertaken comfortably and safely. WOHC’s Occupational Health Nurses are trained in ergonomics and can advise you and your employees on how to perform tasks safely. This involves assessing the workstation (whether computer desk or production line) and other aspects of the work environment.

All workstation assessments in an office environment cover desk height, computer and monitor position, phone and mouse placement, micro pauses and exercises as well as environmental factors such as lighting, noise and temperature.

Standard Assessments

It is recommended workstation assessments should be completed for all new staff, staff transferring to a new workstation and/or an annual assessment. A hand-written report will be provided to your employee and manager.   This assessment typically takes 20 – 30 minutes to complete.

Pain and Discomfort Assessments

It is recommended any employee experiencing pain and discomfort is seen by an OHN within 2-4 working days and often a follow-up phone call or assessment maybe required by the OHN to see how the employee is progressing once the initial assessment and any adjustments to the workstation have been made.  This assessment typically takes 45 – 60 minutes to complete.