Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol Testing

The Health and Safety in Employment Act amendments of 2002 have made employers responsible for managing hazardous behaviours in the workplace. These hazardous behaviours put all staff in a “Safety Sensitive” work environment at risk. A drug and alcohol testing programme helps employers ensure all employees behave safely and that any incident of unsafe behaviour is thoroughly investigated. Once a company policy has been established in consultation with employees the appropriate testing can be done. This may be at pre-employment, post incident, post accident, randomly or for reasonable cause. Testing can be carried out in the workplace or at WOHC’s offices – whatever best suits the client.

All WOHC nurses are accredited (NZQA 25458) collectors of samples for drug urine testing. Samples can be tested on-site or sent away to an accredited Laboratory for analysis. On-site instant testing is carried out in accordance with AS/NZ Standard 4308:2008. WOHC Nurses are accredited testers (NZQA 25511).

Breath Alcohol testing is carried out in accordance with AS standard 3547-2000(Type 11). Testing is available on-site or in WOHC’s office. Results are available instantly.

These procedures are the “Gold Standard” that the law requires, ensuring that best practice testing procedures are best practice. Companies who do not use Gold Standard practices are very exposed to litigation.