Hearing Conservation Services

Hearing Conservation Services

People don’t appreciate how important good hearing is until it is impaired.

Human hearing is damaged by excess noise and can deteriorate significantly if unprotected in a noisy workplace. A Hearing Conservation Programme is directed at identifying and quantifying the noise hazard, and then implementing all practicable steps to control noise and minimise its effects on health and hearing. This involves noise measure­ment, hearing testing, noise control by engineering or other methods, and hearing protection and education.

Noise Surveys

WOHC can help workplaces comply with the Health and Safety Regulations in relation to noise management. These regulations require any noise hazard to be surveyed using the services of a properly qualified person. We provide a full report which explains the steps that need to be taken to manage noise in order to comply with the law. The noise survey also gives workplaces the information needed to choose the correct type and class of hearing protection.

Hearing Testing and Education

WOHC’s Occupational Health Nurses are all trained in hearing testing and the interpretation of the results. They also provide education on the effects of noise on health to ensure individuals understand what they must do to reduce the risks of hearing loss. Hearing protection is also checked to ensure it is in good condition and that workers know how to use it correctly.

It is the responsibility of the employee to comply with the hearing protection policy of the workplace.