Respiratory Fit Testing

Respiratory Fit Testing

A respirator FIT TEST is required to meet the AS/NZS 1715 Standards: “Selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment”.

A suitable FIT TEST is required to be carried out for all users of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) with a close fitting facepiece on initial fitting and at least annually.

Fit testing can be either:

  • Qualitative: using a subjective taste test method or
  • Quantitative: we use the PortaCount machine to objectively measure actual mask fit/seal

We offer Fit Testing at our Hamilton WOHC offices or in the workplace – all that is required is a small room that is able to be closed.

The Fit Test service includes advice on correct fitting, checking, care and maintenance of the respirator.

We supply the fit test documentation required to meet your record keeping requirements.

Please note:
For fit-testing to be undertaken, employees must be clean shaven (wet or electric razor) – within the last 8 hours – and should not have eaten, drunk, smoked, vaped or chewed gum in the 30 mins prior to testing


Contact Cathy McBride, Occupational Fit Technican on  or 027 201 5829 for more information