Vaccinations against Influenza, Hepatitis A+B , and Tetanus can be given by our specially trained Occupational Health Nurses. Influenza (more commonly known as the ‘flu’) is an illness that may affect many employees for a period of time and be contagious in the workplace – causing business interruption through sickness absence. Offering your employees the opportunity to participate in an autumn vaccination programme has proven cost benefits for companies.

WOHC can provide your employees with a brief presentation to dispel the myths around immunisation and to promote the benefits of influenza immunisation.

If your employees are exposed to the biohazards of Hepatitis A or B and vaccination is part of your hazard control programme, WOHC is able to vaccinate your employee either on your site or at WOHC’s office.

Influenza Vaccinations

Influenza is a contagious disease, and can cause disruption in the workplace if spread amongst a company’s employees. We recommend influenza vaccines be provided annually to all staff. The quadrivalent vaccine is updated each year to provide protection against the four most common influenza strains currently in circulation. 

Vaccinations are available at WOHC’s clinic, and we can provide on-line access to our booking system. Alternatively for worksites with 10 or more employees requiring a vaccine, we can provide this service on-site. 

A recommendation to encourage staff to have a Flu vaccine this year as a preventative measure and boost immunity against Coronavirus

Strains for the 2021 Season are:  

    • an A/Victoria/2570/2019/IVR-215  (H1N1)
    • an A/Hong Kong/2671/2019/IVR208 (H3N2)
    • a B/Victoria/705/208 BVT-11
    • a B/Phuket/3073/2013

On the day of the booking:

  • Please ensure there is a room set aside for the nurse to administer the vaccinations, with a waiting area outside.
  • There should be a nominated current First aider available on site who introduces themselves to the nurse on arrival.
  • All staff wishing to be vaccinated, should have been given a consent form prior to their appointment. Please ask staff to have their consent form signed and ready for the nurse.
  • Each person vaccinated will need to wait in an area close to the room the nurse is vaccinating for 20 minutes after the vaccination.
  • The nurse will remain on site for 20 minutes after the final vaccination.
  • We do issue vouchers to any staff that would like a vaccination but are not available on the day – these are given to the manager on site and the staff member can then phone our office and make an appointment to have their vaccination at the WOHC clinic.

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