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Expiry Date: 30th August 2022

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This voucher entitles the bearer to receive a FREE flu vaccination at any participating Unichem or Life Pharmacy.*
Find your nearest vaccinating Unichem or Life Pharmacy on www.greencrosshealth.co.nz/flu-shots

*Subject to eligibility after completing informed consent with a Pharmacist.

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To be reimbursed for this voucher, all fields must be entered correctly through the Green Cross Health Voucher Portal.

Do NOT post these vouchers. Please retain until payment has been received.

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Voucher Code: 7584693

I agree that by redeeming this voucher, the full name I have provided on the voucher will be entered on the Green Cross Health Voucher Portal. Green Cross Health will share my full name, the name of the Unichem or Life Pharmacy where I redeemed the voucher, the voucher code and the date of vaccination, with the company/organisation listed on the voucher, for the sole purpose of invoicing and payment reconciliation. I understand that no information from my vaccination consent form will be provided to Green Cross Health or the company/organisation listed on the voucher.