Wellness Programmes

Wellness Programmes

How healthy are your employees? Do you want to help and motivate them toward better lifestyle choices? A wellness programme aimed at giving them information about their health risks is a good way to start.

Healthy Heart

A programme can be customised for your staff with the aim of promoting a healthier lifestyle for all. A programme typically includes:

  • Measurements of Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Blood Cholesterol, Fitness, Waist Circumference.
  • A review of existing life style habits and family history.

Based on this information, education and advice will be given on what personal health risks exist for the individual and effective ways of modifying these risks.

Skin Cancer Awareness Programmes

As skin cancer and melanoma are preventable causes of premature death in New Zealand we need to be aware of steps we can take to protect ourselves. People working outside are significantly more at risk than those working in an office environment. Appropriate sun protection (i.e. sun block, hats, long sleeved clothing) should be worn at all times.

WOHC can provide educational programmes to your employees that include an interactive presentation, with information on melanoma and skin cancer, how to be safe in the sun, and what to look for in moles and freckles on your skin.

Wellness programmes are cost-effective. Research undertaken by the eminent scientist Dame Carol Black demonstrates such programmes can identify early health problems in workers, lift morale, improve loyalty, reduce stress, and increase productivity.